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Cygnex Limited Warranty Coverage

Who is covered ?
The original buyer who has acquired our system is covered by our warranty. This warranty is not transferable.

Registration Card
The system is provided with a warranty registration card that must be sent to Cygnex 10 days after the system has been acquired.

Warranty Period
Cygnex Optics offers a very simple yet effective warranty coverage. The 1-2-3 warranty coverage period:

  • 1 Year for the electronics
  • 2 Years for the mechanics
  • 3 Years for the optics

Warranty Coverage
Cygnex Optics will repair or replace (whichever is most suitable) the defective components if these components have been identified as defective, under normal useas well as a normal environment. Labor and/or components costs will be assumed by Cygnex Optics, at no extra cost. All extra costs such as removal or re-installation of system or components, shall be assumed by the user or buyer of the system.

Warranty Exclusions
The warranty is considered void if the system is used under abnormal conditions. Misuse and abuse of the Cygnex Optics Systems are also not covered by this warranty. Cygnex Optics shall not be held liable for incidental or consequential damages. Any damages that are caused by sources exterior or not related to Cygnex Optics such as transportation damages or other, shall not be covered by the present warranty

Warranty Assistance
Should you require assistance for service on your Cygnex Optics System, whether the purchased is under warranty, or not, please contact the service center for immediate response.

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