Cygnex Optics-Microscopes for the Electronics Industry

Cygnex is specialized in providing inspection systems and microscopes for the electronics industry.

Cygnex is a division of Selectron Inc. which specializes in pre-owned electronic test equipment. Selectron has been servicing the electronics industry since 1975.

Being involved in used equipment, we were often asked to supply used microscopes. This generated certain difficulties in supplying suitable systems. With pre-owned microscopes, problems usually encountered were often parts missing (such as oculars, light sources, auxiliary lenses, boom stands, etc.) and/or the microscopes were in rough shape, thus making them difficult to be used. With this in mind, we began searching for Asian Manufacturers who had the capabilities to provide us with microscopes that would suit our market.

This being a challenge in itself, we have opted to have German designed optics with the competitive Asiatic manufacturing capabilities, thus giving us the best of both worlds. We are therefore able to provide quality systems at a very accessible price.

We are constantly improving our systems by developing additions in order to ease the work of the operators using our systems as well as enhancing the comfort in order to reduce fatigue.

We look forward to become one of your reliable suppliers.